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If you’re planning to be in the LA area this winter and are ready to take your lyric-writing to the next level, hurry over to the UCLA Extension website and register for Marty Panzer’s Master Class: Writing Lyrics that Succeed and Endure. The upcoming winter 2008 class features the Sixth Annual Concord Records Scholarship, where six students will receive additional classes and a private, one-on-one mentor session with Marty.

With over 30 years of professional experience and more gold and platinum hits than you can shake a stick at, Marty is at the top of this wonderful craft. Using personal examples and anecdotes, he teaches his students how to breathe life into their lyrics and give them special meaning while affecting a wide audience for the long-term. Marty offers personal insight into the industry and suggestions for each lyric reviewed in class. He also invites special guests to talk on a variety of industry and craft-related topics.

For more information, visit the official Marty Panzer website or the UCLA Extension website. This is a must-take class for anyone serious about writing lyrics – especially lyrics that succeed and endure.

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