Everything one composer can wish or look for in a lyricist is signified in Virginia. Simply a very gifted, brilliant and truly inspired master of words.
Peter Michael von der Nahmer, Composer

Virginia Emrick writes lyrics which communicate clearly and poetically. This allows the listener to feel, appreciate and understand her.
Harriet Schock, Songwriter

Virginia Emrick is a warm and gifted lyricist. Her heart shines through her lyrics. That’s the best compliment I can give anyone.
Marty Panzer, Songwriter

The writing mechanics were great, the rhyme structure was apparent and had an evident sequence. The arrangement was neat, the overall elements of the material came together well. Making this piece an example of skillful writing techniques.
Song of the Year critique of the lyric “You Can’t Go Home Again”

I am always inspired by the imagination and talent that Virginia Emrick brings to the craft of songwriting.
Debra M. Gussin, Television Producer/Lyricist

It’s obvious that you’re a writer.
Phil Swann, Songwriter

Comments about The Ultimate Musical

I find the words and music compelling, full of energy and feeling. The story is an important one for today, and the songs fully tell the story.
Arthur Hamilton, Composer/Lyricist

Mike von der Nahmer and lyricist, Virginia Emrick, tell a story about popular cliches and judgmental opinions, which are understandable by themselves, but if not, then confirmed in songs. The music sung by young pros tells a stand-out story, which will take anyone on a journey.
Süddeutsche Zeitung, Southern German newspaper

Wonderful music that could give Andrew Lloyd Webber a run for his money.
Denis Magoffin, Producer/Engineer