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The time is here. The Wiggles are back in North America for their Wiggle Town Tour. If you have kids, and even if you don’t, make sure you secure your tickets for a show near you. They are excellent performers and kind, super-talented people. You won’t be disappointed.

My son is an avid fan of The Wiggles. Many of his first words came from listening to and watching them. From traditional toddler tunes like Open, Shut Them; Twinkle Twinkle Little Star; and The Wheels on the Bus to Wiggle originals (and fan favorites) like Hot Potato and Rock-a-Bye Your Bear, he loves to sing along and imitate their actions.

So, it was a no-brainer for us to attend a show at our first opportunity, which was the Rock and Roll Preschool Tour in September 2015. We had a great time. Everyone in the room was smiling from ear to ear the whole show. When Lachy came into the audience to shake hands and collect bones for Wags the Dog, he became the first non-family member to get a high-five from my son, which was the highlight of our day and explains why his favorite colors are purple and black.

Now, we’re excited to see them again for this year’s tour and we can’t wait for show day to arrive in October.

Don’t miss out! Get your tickets now and enjoy the show.

G’day, mate!

Do you like celebrities? Are you into collectibles? Now’s your chance to own an authentic celebrity autograph.

My friend Viv has opened an eBay store to sell her vast collection of autographed, celebrity memorabilia. She obtained each autograph personally by attending many meet-and-greets and stage door meetings.

Items are books and CDs. They include photos taken at the signings and event flyers, where available.

Celebrity list includes: Rod Stewart, Carole King, Barry Manilow, Jim Carrey and many more. Check out her store veliz0804 for a complete selection. Inventory changes often so make sure to visit frequently.

If you like dark fantasy and vampires, you’ll love the novel The Eyes of Mictlan by Michael Rappa. It’ll take you on a journey you won’t soon forget.

Check it out:


I’m pleased to announce that my novel Stalking Horse is now available for purchase through Amazon.com. It’s currently in Kindle and print versions.

It’s about a celebrity and his overzealous fans and the mayhem that ensues when one of them goes a little too far.

From the back cover:

Hunky celebrity Lucas O’Dell lives his dream. Men want to be him; women want to be with him but stardom isn’t everything with fans like Luke’s. Trying to outdo each other with their knowledge of Luke, they gather information by hanging around Luke’s hotspots and pumping the locals. Now, he’s receiving mysterious calls and visits at home, where secrets lurk. When Luke returns from his movie premiere, he’s devastated to discover his friend shot and left for dead – a moment that changes Luke’s life forever. The hunt is on for the stalker and clues lie within Luke’s chat room.

Check it out and let me know what you think.



Written by Virginia Emrick for The Muse’s Muse

Those who can, do…and if we’re very lucky, they also teach.

In a throw-away world, finding something that’s built to last takes effort. Learning to build such a thing takes skill, perseverance, and a bit of guidance.

Since 1994, master lyricist Marty Panzer has provided songwriting guidance to all levels of writers, encouraging them to write lyrics that succeed and endure. Something Marty knows a lot about.

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Sports lover? Theatre goer? Comedy fan? If you like to get out and enjoy live entertainment (and who doesn’t?), there’s a great service for buying tickets without breaking the bank. Check out Goldstar. Their site offers half-price tickets to events in the California, Las Vegas, Chicago, Washington DC, New York and Boston areas, with more areas on the way. Events include theatre, comedy, sports, live music and spas. Sign up is free.

What are you waiting for? Go to the Goldstar website now.

Life has been flying past faster than I can keep track of the date. That’s a good thing, so I’ve been told.

So, what’s happening in my life? Well, aside from my freelance work as a web content editor, I’ve been busy working on various children’s projects and just completed a new picture book called There’s a Monster in My Closet!

Monster is a cute story about a child describing the monster that took up residence in his closet. The story is being set to music and will be released in 2008 with a companion CD of the song and a narrated track for read-along. You can download the story on Story Link for a mere $0.99. Please check it out and let me know what you think.

There’s a lot of great stuff coming down the pipeline in 2008; so, stay tuned.

Happy Thanksgiving!


As a writer, I tend to have other writers as friends and we often share our work, usually still in draft form, with each other for feedback. This provides a unique view into the writing process that helps us grow as writers. In every piece a friend gives me to read, I can pretty much always find that friend buried somewhere the words in some way, big or small. It gives me the chance to crawl inside my friends’ minds and see how they approach their stories and what little bits of themselves they use to flavor the details. Read the rest of this entry »

If you’re planning to be in the LA area this winter and are ready to take your lyric-writing to the next level, hurry over to the UCLA Extension website and register for Marty Panzer’s Master Class: Writing Lyrics that Succeed and Endure. The upcoming winter 2008 class features the Sixth Annual Concord Records Scholarship, where six students will receive additional classes and a private, one-on-one mentor session with Marty. Read the rest of this entry »

A while ago, a friend and I got into a little debate about creativity. Read the rest of this entry »